My name is Rutger Claassen. I’m an Associate Professor of Ethics & Political Philosophy at the Department of Philosophy, at Utrecht University. At this site, you’ll find information about my work as an academic philosopher. There are lots of texts (both in English and in Dutch) that you can download.

My work is in ethics and political philosophy. Until 2008, I’ve been writing my dissertation on the ‘limits of the market’; which deals with the question whether or not to all kinds of goods and services should be marketized. Since then, my research focuses on three areas. First, I am interested in socio-economic justice. In this field I currently work on a monograph about the capability approach (pioneered by economist Amartya Sen and philosopher Martha Nussbaum) as a theory of justice. Second,  I am interested in economic and ethical theories about the concept of the market, the justifications for regulating and limiting markets, and applying market mechanisms in the public sector. Third, I am also interested in conceptions of freedom, autonomy, and paternalism; and liberalism as a political theory that helps us think about the limits of state interventions in private life.

I also regularly publish articles and books in Dutch, to bring philosophy to a broader audience. I am an editor of a public journal (Filosofie & Praktijk) and co-organizer of a monthly Philosophical Café in Utrecht.