Rutger Claassen

Rutger Claassen is Professor of Political Philosophy and Economic Ethics. His aim is to understand the ideas that we use when we shape our social, political and economic world. He takes philosophy to have a practical and emancipatory purpose. Reflection can help to clarify the challenges our societies face, and the possible pathways to a better future for all.  

Philosophy is a collective endeavor, and strongly connected to other disciplines in academia. Every day, Rutger is proud to be a member of a wonderful group of collogues at the Ethics Institute of Utrecht University,  the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies, as well as the interdisciplinary network Institutions for Open Societies. Make sure to visit their websites as well!  

Wherever possible, Rutger Claassen connects to citizens, policy makers and businessmen. He hopes to make them benefit from philosophical analysis, as well as to learn from them. Interested? Contact him at r.j.g.claassen@uu.nl